Words Of Faith: An Easy Reference to Theological Terms


In the beginning, according to the first chapter of Genesis, God created the universe simply by uttering words. Christians dare not take lightly the importance of words for understanding, clarifying, and communicating the Word.

Theology. Providence. Justification. These are some words that help create and define our Christian existence.

In Words of Faith, Dr. Rob L. Staples defines and explains 52 key terms that are part of the Christian's rich heritage. They are too precious to loose, too important to neglect. They are the kinds of words that the Bible says are as precious as silver and gold when spoken aptly.

Refreshingly non-sectarian and not rigidly doctrinaire, Words of Faith is a theological word book for those who do not have time or opportunity to study the heavy writings of the honored thinkers of the centuries and provides concise explanations of key concepts of the Christian faith.

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