WHDL: Creating and managing a collection

A note about collections:

These silent screencasts (transcripts and annotations included) will provide you with the basic tools on how to create a collection, reorder collection items, and add collection headers. However, there are other factors you may want to consider when creating and organizing a collection. Here are some tips:

1. Start small to see how the items display. Experiment with reordering and collection group headers.

2. Think about how your items are named. If you are uploading several issues of the same periodical, consider including specific issue information (such as date or volume number) in the title of the item itself. 

3. If you want some examples of the ways different collections have been formatted, search for "collections" in WHDL.


Transcript [in About tab of video] and annotations [Annotations tab of video] included.

View embedded videos or click on the link (video will open in a new window).


Silent screencast demonstrating how to create a collection


Silent screencast demonstrating how to reorder items and add a group header



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