Christianity and Culture

The Holiness Social Ethic and Nazarene Urban Ministry

Dissertation, Wesley Theological Seminary for the degree of Doctor of Ministry


One Nation Under Whose God?: Interfaith Work in the Unique Religious Setting of the United States

Abstract: The United States is a country founded on religious liberty and is one of, if not the most, religiously diverse countries in the world. Religious diversity has flourished under the United States’ separation of church and state. Despite these protections, religious tolerance has waxed and waned over the last three centuries.


Passing the Faith: ‘From Generation to Generation’

Nearly 50 percent of Canadian teens never attend religious services, and one-third say they have “no religion” – both all-time highs in Canada. What cultural, social, familial, and congregational influences shape and reflect young people’s approach to Christianity? What implications might these trends have for the current and future state of Christian denominations and congregations? What sociological, theological, and practical implications arise from this data?

Youth Ministry Track: Cultural Clash

This workshop explores the culture our students find themselves in each day. No matter what we do, shield them from, or offer them, they are affected by culture. It is our responsibility to know and understand this setting in order to challenge them to chase Christ, not culture.

Ministry with Families with Youth: What's a Church to Do?

The trajectory of youth ministry has taken a decided turn. We must reconnect "the church" intergenerationally. It is vital that parents, teenagers, children, and grandparents consistently interact with one another in worship, service, ministry, and friendship. (For small and large congregations.)

Leading Effective Ministry to Single Parents

What do single parents really look for in a church? Their answers may surprise you - it's not what you think! Learn what singles are looking for and how your church can be single-adult and single-parent friendly so that these persons and parents feel welcome and included.

Thoreau-ly Pioneer: the Way of the Ox

2015 Week of Scholarship presentation, 7x7 Challenge, April 7, 2015. Link to video file:


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