Biblical Studies

Discovering the Bible: Story and Faith of the Biblical Communities

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Alex Varughese

examines the Bible's amazing message and story of faith in a way that will captivate readers and impel them to learn more. Thorough, sound biblical scholarship combined with an eye-catching format and easy-to-understand writing style make this textbook a must-have for every Christian's library.

In Discovering the Bible, you'll find:

Discovering the New Testament: Community and Faith

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Jirair Tashjian
Alex Varughese
Roger Hahn
David Neale
Jeanne Serrao
Dan Spross

Discovering the New Testament combines all the elements you're looking for in a survey of the New Testament - thorough, sound biblical scholarship, combined with an eye-catching format and a writing style that's easy to understand.


  • Objectives defined for each lesson
  • Personal questions to help you relate the Bible to your life
  • Sidebars to explain theological points
  • Keywords identified and defined on each page

Discovering the Old Testament

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Alex Varughese
James O. Edlin
Robert Branson
Timothy M. Green

Every professor has to wonder, with skepticism, how much of the assigned material the students will actually read. (That is, if they have even purchased the textbook in the first place!) Whether they skim or read all of it, your students will recall the key points of the lesson if you use Discovering the Old Testament.

Discovering the Old Testament defines key terms in sidebars and highlights them within the text. Each chapter includes summary statements and review questions to help students focus on what they've learned.

Book Review of King James Study Bible

A book review of the King James Study Bible.


What is the function of the lamb in Revelation 5?

The thesis of this study is that the function of the lamb metaphor in Revelation 5 serves to reveal the nature of God and the way God achieves victory over evil. Through John’s use of the lamb metaphor, the way of the Roman Empire is revealed as a false ideology, true victory is revealed, and the way of the lamb is made known to his followers. John wrote this document in a   particular time period and cultural context.


Studying Abraham's Journey: An Inclusion of Autobiographical Reflection in Religious Curriculum

A paper submitted to Dr. James Edlin for Old Testament Literature.
Maurine Dickerson Research Scholarship, 2012-2013, honorable mention paper, undergraduate student category.

Hospitality Language in the Gospel of John and its Implications for Christian Community

This thesis explores the understanding and meaning of hospitality from a biblical perspective utilizing the hospitality language found in the Gospel of John. It is acknowledged that although the word hospitality is not present in the Gospel of John, the notion of hospitality is found throughout the Gospel. The idea that the Gospel of John demonstrates how the incarnate God came into the world as both guest (stranger) and welcoming host is also explored.


Unity and Separation of Jesus and the Father in the Book of Revelation: A Study of Jesus’ Divinity through Divine Titles and Old Testament Allusions

This thesis compares and contrasts the views different groups of first-century Christians held in devotion to both the Father and the person of Jesus. Specifically, the ways in which John in the book of Revelation viewed Christology through the Greek Septuagint and the Hebrew Scriptures are explored. The author argues that John in Revelation interpreted “Lord” in the Old Testament to be Jesus, “God” in the Old Testament to be the Father, and “Lord God“ to represent the unity of the two.


Newness of Life: A Study in the Thought of Paul

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Richard E. Howard

"In this scholarly but eminently practical study of Pauline theology, Professor Howard shows how this basic distinction between the indicative of grace and the imperative to holiness constitue the warp and woof of the Pauline gospel and ethic. Drawing upon his doctoral research at Harvard University, tested and refined by years in both the pulpit and the classroom, the author brings to us a wealth of exegetical insights from the Pauline Epistles.


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