The Nazarene Pulpit: A Collection of 24 Sermons From Well-Known Preachers

From the forword: "The true preacher puts his best intellectual and spiritual effort into his sermons, so in preparing a book by many authors, we thought there could be no better way than to include a sermon from each of twenty or more of our well known preachers. The result is the little book which we herewith present. We have called the book "The Nazarene Pulpit" because we believe it represents in a fair way what one could expect to hear in any one of the fourteen hundred churches of the Church of the Nazarene which are scattered with more or less irregularity throughout this and other lands. The themes of the preachers who have contributed to this book are quite varied, and so it must be with the ministry of any church which preaches the whole Bible to men."

Table of Contents:

01 -- This Great Salvation -- By Reuben A. (Bud) Robinson
02 -- True Holiness -- By Willis G. Bennett
03 -- Four In One -- By Edgar Painter Ellyson
04 -- The Triumphant Gospel -- By James Blaine Chapman
05 -- God's Wondrous Salvation -- By R. L. Hollenback
06 -- The Lost Christ -- By U. E. Harding
07 -- A Life Of Victory -- By Charles Brougher Jernigan
08 -- The Whole Duty Of Man -- By Bona Fleming
09 -- Carnality's Ultiviity -- By G. F. Owen
10 -- God's Irrevocable Punishment -- By Lum Jones
11 -- God's Triple Call -- By Theodore Ludwig
12 -- Pentecost And The Route To It -- By J. E. Gaar
13 -- Vindication Of God's Justice -- By Benjamin Franklin Neely
14 -- David Bringing Home The Ark -- By Charles Robinson
15 -- Christian Freedom -- By Bertha (Wilson) Lillenas
16 -- The Magnitude Of A Soul's Value -- By J. E. L. Moore
17 -- Salvation -- By Jarrette E. Aycock
18 -- The Cardinal Colors Of Salvation -- By Joseph Grant Morrison
19 -- Weighed In God's Balances -- By L. L. Hamric
20 -- The Rich Young Ruler -- By A. F. Balsmeier
21 -- The Gift Of The Spirit And The Spirit's Gifts -- By W. G. Schurman
22 -- The Symphony Of Praise -- By Floyd W. Nease
23 -- The Responsibility Of Moral Sovereignty -- By Stephen Solomon White
24 -- God's Call Disregarded -- By Aaron Merritt Hills

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