Moving From Vision to Action to Results


The address was given in April 2009 during the Plenary session at the Africa Regional Conference on the campus of Africa Nazarene University, Nairobi, Kenya.

The presentation discusses the joys and pain of leadership, especially when good and godly people, including a younger generation of leaders in the church, often differ on how to reach mutually desired goals.

Sometimes, these good and godly people collide with the leader, and a faith community is divided, and the Kingdom of God suffers. When this happens, the pain in leadership is even more intense.

Good and godly people most often collide over vision and values, programs and plans, worship and witness of the faith community.

In light of these realities, seven anchors are discussed in the address to hold leaders steady as they seek to lead a faith community from vision to action to results.

A PowerPoint presentation to accompany this address is also available.