Mentoring and Modeling Leadership Character


The plenary address was given at the National Association of Christian College Admission Personnel (NACCAP) annual meeting in June 2003 on the campus of Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. Three vocational vision affirmations are discussed for NACCAP members.

The thesis of the paper is this: “For the students you recruit, you can become leadership role models who exemplify, in word and deed, the very character qualities and values you most admire in others.”

The presentation is built around a theological vision regarding students recruited for the colleges and universities represented at the conference. Three vocational affirmations leaders must “see” regarding the students with whom they interact are discussed. The EVIDENCE of leading . . . is in the qualitative growth of the led, as individuals and as group members. The PURPOSE of leading . . . is to nurture good and godly character (2 Peter 3:11-12) in the “graduates and leaders to be.” The PROCESS of leading . . . is in modeling before our recruits what we seek to pass on to them.  Mentoring questions are included.

The address concludes with the following quote: “In the midst of your weariness, never forget that your motivation for reaching enrollment goals must be deeply theological. You are recruiting and retaining “graduates and leaders to be,” for lifelong service to Christ and His Kingdom.