The Mediator - Volume III Issue 2 April 2002

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This issue also explores themes related to the doctrine of holiness. My own article on grace, law, and conscience investigates some basic theological presuppositions that help facilitate growth in understanding John Wesley, the Apostle Paul, but most importantly, the work of the Holy Spirit. The seemingly diverse theological concepts of grace and law come together as inseparable partners when the Holy Spirit uses a willing and open conscience as the guide for helping a person become more like Christ. Christi-An Bennett's article offers some insightful historical basis for proclaiming the message of holiness through missions. From its earliest days, the Wesleyan movement has been concerned with taking the gospel to the lost. Profoundly, this impetus comes from important theological convictions intrinsic to the doctrine of Christian perfection. Stephen Bennett has worked with two APNTS students. Jubilee Thanga and Din Thara, in formulating a useful approach for sharing holiness with the Mizo people of Myanmar. Much work remains to be done on the Asia-Pacific region in finding relevant ways for sharing the ftiU gospel, and APNTS joins sister schools throughout the region in developing a new generation of Asian and Pacific theologians. This brief article not only offers a valid approach but also serves as an invitation for other cultures to experiment with fresh approaches to eternal truths. Future leaders like Jubilee and Din are the ones who make a difference in the future. They have the double task of taking the ideas they have learned in class, chapel and informal times of discussion and making these ideas relevant to the people in their home setting. Another APNTS student, Greg Fernandez, provide some brief, but useful insights on leadership. In this paper, origianlly written for a class, Fernandez offers a well-balanced approach to leadership that any pastor or leader would find refreshing. Reminders fine-tune our skills in preparation for impacting the world for Christ.


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