Leading the People of God - Faculty and Student Guides

Teacher resource

The 16-session leadership module, “Leading the People of God,” was originally prepared in 2003 by E. LeBron Fairbanks as part of the 24 modular course of study, outcome-based curriculum, designed and written for the Church of the Nazarene. The material was revised in 2012.  


Faculty Guides serve as instructors’ guides for teaching the principles of “Leading the People of God: Servant Leadership for a Servant Community” to adult learners who are preparing for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.  


The 16-sessions are built around the following course themes: 1) The PASSION of Servant Leaders is grounded in a Theology of Ministry; 2) The POWER of Servant Leaders is “Christ in us,” and is rooted in a single-minded pursuit of Christlikeness; 3) The GOAL of Servant Leaders is focused on effectively preparing the Body of Christ – the People of God – for ministry and mission; 4) The METHOD of Servant Leaders is biased toward personal and congregation transformation, strategic planning and board governance; and 5) The PAIN of Servant Leaders is experienced in the tension when good and godly people collide over vision and values; and 6) The EVIDENCE of Servant Leaders is reflected in the qualitative growth of the led.