Katherine Virginia Greene

Katherine Virginia Greene resided in Arlington, Virginia.

From Herald of Holiness - March 23, 1960.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - March 23, 1960

Stephen S. White
Bertha Munro
Jack M. Scharn
F. W. Davis
Gertrude Taylor
Hazel Lee
Elizabeth Vennum
Carol Lundy
Amy L. Person
Fairy Steele Chism
Katherine Virginia Greene
Berniece Ayers Hall
Harry A. Rich
Orville Jenkins
First page of the Herald.

01 Changed by Bertha Munro

02 My All For His All by Jack M. Scharn

02 I Mentioned You in Prayer Today by F. W. Davis

03 The Procedures in Praying by Gertrude Taylor

04 The Purpose of Prayer by Hazel C. Lee

05 Talking with God Together by Elizabeth Vennum

06 The Privilege of Prayer by Carol Lundy

07 The Power of Prayer by Amy L. Person

08 Prevailing Prayer by Fairy Chism

09 The Product of Prayer By Katherine Virginia Greene

10 News in Picture

10 Prayer Without Words by Berniece Ayers Hall

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