Jane Kristoffersen

Jane Bohannan Kristoffersen taught at the Englewood Christian School, operated by Denver First Church of the Nazarene in the 1980s.

From Herald of Holiness - March 15, 1987.

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Herald of Holiness - March 15, 1987

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Lola M. Williams
Paul T. Culbertson
E. Ruth Glover
Ralph A. Mickel
Jack Conn
Stan Ingersol
Lillian Johnston
Frances B. Erickson
Nina Beegle
Allen A. Bennett
Don Frye
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Connie Unknown
Susan Downs
Jane Kristoffersen
M. V. Scutt
Arthur Parrish
C. William Parsons
White blossoms on a tree.

2 Faith on Trial, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 Preparedness, Lola M. Williams
4 Letters
5 No Price Tag, Paul T. Culbertson
6 Heavenly Hand-out, E. Ruth Glover
6 When Agape Love is Wrong, Ralph A. Mickel
8 Double Your Thrills, Jack Conn
9 Nazarene Roots: Projecting the Word of Grace, Stan Ingersol
10 Reflections of the Son, Lillian Johnston
11 Reunion, Frances B. Erickson
12 Three Strikes Was Not an Out, Nina Beegle
13 Hope, Allen A. Bennett
13 “Because You Gave…”, Don Frye

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Herald of Holiness - May 1, 1987

William E. McCumber
Jerald Johnson
Dennis D. Frey
J. Paul Turner
Jack M. Barnell
Harold I. Smith
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Beverly Burgess
Mike Hruby
Herbert McGonigle
Robert E. Maner
Connie Unknown
Jane Kristoffersen
William Goodman
Peter Bourke
A young girl facing away holding a card behind her back that says "Just for you Mom"

2 Changing Our Vocabulary, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson
3 A Tree Grows in Paradise, Dennis D. Frey
4 Letters
5 The Nazarene Marriage is Where Family Ministry Begins, J. Paul Turner
6 Stepfamilies are Different, Jack M. Barnell
8 Mother’s Day: A Taste of the Bittersweet, Harold Ivan Smith
9 Clusters from Canaan!, Alice Hansche Mortenson
10 Are There Any “Denises” In Your Church?, Beverly Burgess
11 Chaplains and Changed Lives, Mike Hruby

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Herald of Holiness - May 12, 1971

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Eugene L. Stowe
Michael E. Grimshaw
Frances Courtney-Smith
Pearl O. Burnside McKinney
Hugh H. Gorman
Galen D. Wilcox
Darrell E. Luther
J. Ray Shadowens
O. K. Armstrong
Ross Hayslip
James Dobson
Ed Wallace
Gene Van Note
Milo L. Arnold
Rosemary Lee
Jane Kristoffersen
An arrangement of a graduation cap, diploma, and the Bible.
A New Battle Against the Filth Peddlers—See page 11. Is Survival Our Goal? —See page 13.

02 New Life in Old Churches by General Superintendent Stowe

03 Time to be Stable by Michael E. Grimshaw

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Herald of Holiness - November 5, 1975

John A. Knight
V. H. Lewis
Wallace S. Purinton
Samuel Young
C. Neil Strait
Nelson F. Sheets
Pearl Anderson
Rick Withrow
Wilbur W. Brannon
Tressa C. (Hansen) Terry
Jerry Hull
Jane Kristoffersen
C. William Fisher
Mary E. Latham
C. Dale German
Jerry N. Sparks
Aarlie J. Hull
Elsie E. Buckmaster
The steeple of a white and brick church seen through leafy tree branches.

02 Faith, Peace, Joy - Good to Possess by General Superintendent V.H. Lewis
03 "They Couldn't Be in Better Hands" by W.S. Purinton
04 Our Grand Exemplar by Samuel Young
05 Bended Knee, Better Life by C. Neil Strait
06 The Eye of the Storm by Nelson F. Sheets
06 My Neighbor's Bible by Pearl Anderson
07 The Case for Sticking to It by Rick Withrow
08 A Purifying Predicament by Wilbur W. Brannon
09 Clear Waters by Tressa Terry
10 Stupidity or "Unknowingness" by Jerry D. Hull

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