Herald of Holiness - September 1, 1985

An illustration of children representing places around the world with the text "Let them know"
Let Them Know: International Sunday School Year September 1985-October 1986

2 Everybody Ought To Go To Sunday School, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
3 A Dream Come True, Phil Riley
4 Letters
5 “Dear Nazarenes”, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson
6 Two Top Priorities, Bill M. Sullivan
6 The International Sunday School Year and World Mission, L. Guy Nees
7 Publications International and the International Sunday School Year, Bennett Dudney
8 Sunday School Literature as a Kingdom-Building Tool, Tom Riley
9 The Story Had To Be Told, Stanley P. Storey
10 “That They May Know You”, Christian Sarmiento
11 Sunday School Enrollment
11 Districts of the Quinquennium Announced
12 Does Giving Pay?, A. Brent Cobb
12 September Is Stewardship Month
13 Thanks for the Thorn, Nelson G. Mink
14 Don’t Miss the Driveway, John W. May
15 The Voice (a Poem), Reeford L. Chaney
15 Book Brief: Mirror, Mirror… Please Lie, Pat Wellman; Reviewed by Evelyn A. Stenbock
16 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 Gambling Is a Contagious Plague, William Goodman
19 Of Planes and the Everlasting Arms, Fran Page
20 By All Means, Carole L. Spengler
21 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
35 Late News


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