Herald of Holiness - October 21, 1959

First page of the Herald.

01 Thanksgiving and Praise by General Superintendent Young

03 Is Holiness Too High? By H.M. von Stein

04 You Have the Keys by Otto Stucki

04 We Must Go On! By Kathryn Blackburn Peck

05 Let’s Not Forget the Gas! By Kenneth L. Dodge

06 To Seek God by Grace Wilson

07 The Grand Witness by Charles Cayton Langford

07 This Year I Plan to Give Again!

07 Kleenex at the Altar by Charles McKinney

08 The Devil Is Not a Winner by Edith Carey

08 The Perfect Time by Ila R. Monday

09 News in Picture

09 If I Weren’t Sanctified! By Flora E. Breck

10 The Wages Will Be Abundant by Clyde W. Rather

11 I Saw a Mountain Burn by Gerald L. Fosbenner

11 A Little Look at Life by Mrs. W.M. Franklin

11 Books in Review by Norman R. Oke

12 Editorials by S.S. White

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

18 News of the Churches


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