Herald of Holiness - October 1, 1987

Christ is Your Greatest Need. "Christ" is on a rainbow background. The rest of the text is orange on the purple background
Christ is Your Greatest Need

2 The Fire Is Still Burning, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
4 Beauty for Ashes, A. Brent Cobb
7 Free At Last!, Joseph Harshman
10 Prisoners Free In Christ, Nina Beegle
12 I Kept God’s Appointment, Fay Clary Beck
14 Someone Cares!, Charles Panoyan
16 “Tried With Fire”, Pauline E. Spray
20 What Life Is All About, Bill Carson
22 Unfailing Love, Joyce McWhorter
24 I’m keeping A Promise, Sheila I. Williams

6 Emergency Ward, Elva McAllaster
9 Question, Merle Lamprecht
15 Resource, Evelyn M. Deneen
19 I Must Have Jesus, Mabel P. Adamson
21 Images, Sharon Lee Roberts

28 Christ Is Your Greatest Need, W. E. McCumber


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