Herald of Holiness - November 13, 1957

An ink-drawing of people going to church.
Thankful Song by Christine White

01 Thankful Song, Christine White

02 Late News

02 Gleanings from the Office Editor’s Desk

02 A Praver of Thanksgiving, F. W. Davis

03 Thanksgiving—a Basic Personality Need, Lewis T. Corlett

04 I Saw the General Budget in Action, Remiss Rehfeldt

05 Poetry for Thanksgiving

06 “Gratitude Is the Memory of the Heart,” Katherine Bevis

07 Thanksgiving, Ellen Rittenburg Follett

08 Thankful in a Troubled World, AIpin P. Bowes

08 First Corinthians 15:57, E. Wayne Stahl

09 News in Picture

09 I Give God Thanks! Kathryn Blackburn Peck

10 Music Memoettes, Ovella Satre Shafer

11 My Friend, Marian L. Knorr

11 “We Would See Jesus,” Robert E. Harding

12 Editorials, Stephen S. White

14 The Thankful Heart, E. E. Wordsworth

15 The Sunday School Lesson

15 Foreign Missions

16 Servicemen’s Corner

16 Religious News and Comments

17 Department of Evangelism

18 Thought for the Day, Bertha Munro

18 The Question Box

19 News of the Churches


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