Herald of Holiness - May 12, 1965

Three people on an overlook with a mountain in the background. Inset: an illustration of water pouring into a hand.
Times of Refreshing See Page 6/ Mount Mitchell North Carolina District Church of the Nazarene

02 Glad in God’s Judgments by General Superintendent Williamson
03 What’s Your Perspective? by Roger M. Williams
03 In a Changing World by Ruth Vaughn
04 From Sadness to Gladness by James Macleod
05 Faith … the final step by C. T. Corbett
06 Times of Refreshing by W. E. Varian
06 Lumpy Potatoes by Pauline E. Spray
07 Mission for Souls by Jean Leathers Phillips
07 Deceived by Riches by J. J. Steele
08 The Autopsy of a Dead Church by Morris Chalfant
10 Fruitful in the Land of Affliction by J. B. Maclagan
11 Hope Deferred by Garth Hyde
12 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser
13 Morning After a Burial by Grace V. Watkins
14 The Church at Work
17 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser
18 Late News
18 News of the Religious World
19 News in Picture


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