Herald of Holiness - June 7, 1972

A portrait of Samuel Young

02 Godly Influence by General Superintendent Jenkins

03 Million-Dollar Delusion by Arthur H. Townsend

04 Today by John W. May

04 When Shadows Fall by Kenneth H. Wells

05 Dr. Samuel Young by George Coulter

05 A General Superintendent of Distinction by G. B. Williamson

06 Glimpses of Samuel Young by Dean Bertha Munro

08 Samuel Young: General Superintendent, 1948-72 by the Editor

10 How to Make Your Life Worth Living by C. William Fisher

11 The Value of Guilt Feelings by John A. Knight

12 Insights by James Dobson

13 Is Your Weight Wrong? by Morris Chalfant

14 "I'd Go Through it Again . . ." by Ruth Dickinson

15 About the Fathers in Our Homes by Aarlie J. Hull

16 EDITORIALS by W. T. Purkiser

28 News of Religion

29 Answer Corner

32 By All Means by William H. Bynum


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