Herald of Holiness - July 13, 1966

A red-tinted photo of a rose bloom.
Message for the North Woods; Are Sweepstakes Really Sweeping? (See page 12.)

02 An Investment—Not An Expense by General Superintendent Benner 03 Message for the North Woods by Donn Littlefield 04 God: Our Only Security by F. W. Davis 05 Life in Christ Now by Ronald C. Calhoun 06 Slowly I Grow by Ruth Vaughn 08 Fear of Contamination by Raymond C. Kratzer 09 A Burning Issue… by David G. Grosse 10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser 12 Are Sweepstakes Really Sweeping? By Earl Wolf and Elden Rawlings 14 Pro & Con: Letter to the Editor 14 The Book Corner 15 News of the Religious World 16 News of Revivals 18 Church Supports "Pioneer" Cause


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