Herald of Holiness - January 7, 1959

First page of the Herald.

01 Revival Rewards by General Superintendent Vanderpool

02 Late News

03 Let’s Bear the Burden by Louis McCurdy

04 Those Liberating Fences by Richard S. Taylor

05 If I Could Preach Only One Sermon! By Wendell Wellman

06 A Clear Conscience by Walter E. Isenhour

06 Light from Above by Pauline E. Spray

07 "...and Bridleth Not His Tongue..." by WM. C. Summers

07 Where Are We Going? By F. W. Davis

08 Memories I Enjoy by Edith Carey

10 Aunt Abbie’s Wonderful Triumph by Grace V. Watkins

11 Let’s Keep in the Current by Roy J. Yeider

14 Editorials by Stephen S. White

16 Foreign Missions

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

18 Thought for the Day by Bertha Munro


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