Herald of Holiness - January 27, 1960

First page of the Herald.

01 Youth Week – January 31 to February 7

03 Singers Who Run by Paul Skiles

04 Meaningful Memories of High School by Ray Lunn Hance

05 A Christian Teen-ager in High School by Glaphre Gilliland

06 Preparing Yourself for College by A.B. Mackey

06 A Sonnet of Love by Mrs. W.M. Franklin

07 My Church Was My "Home Sweet Home" by Pat Johnson

08 Path to Paradise by Jack M. Scharn

09 What Is Wrong with the World? By A.A.E. Berg

09 A Little Part of You by Walter E. Isenhour

10 Who Taught the Birds? By Fred W. Parsons

10 If by Pearl Burnside McKinney

11 Are You a "Cheese and Cracker" Christian? By Stanley McElrath

11 The "Still Small Voice" by Earl Marvel

12 Editorials by S.S. White

14 I Really Had No Choice by Lucile Valentine

15 You May Have a Garden! By Clyde W. Rather

15 My Church and I by Edith Anderson

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

19 News of the Churches


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