Herald of Holiness - February 10, 1965

A beachy building with palm trees in front. Inset: An illustration of George Washington.
District Center Florida District The Church of the Nazarene

02 I am the Church by General Superintendent Young

03 The Lord’s Prayers by J. Kenneth Grider

04 Nazarene Theological Seminary by G. B. Williamson

05 Our First President: A Man of Faith and Prayer by Ovella S. Shafer

06 George Washington Told the Truth by Wayne Welton

07 Let Me Love by Joyce Leth

07 The Meaning of Love by Dallas D. Mucci

08 Education and the Church by Hardy C. Powers

09 “Take Time to be Holy” by Cecyl Elizabeth Cupp

10 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser

14 The Church at Work

17 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser

18 Late News

18 News of the Religious World

19 News in Picture


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