Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1984

A bible juxtaposed over a globe.

2 Immanuel – The God of Compassion, General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse
3 The Greatest Commandment of All, John W. May
4 Letters
5 “You Did It to Me”, Michael J. Christensen
6 Publish or Perish, Galen D. Wilcox
8 God’s Book is Alive, A. Brent Cobb
9 His Book (a Poem), Viola Jacobson Berg
9 The Terrible Burden of Submission, Kenneth Vogt
10 Margaret’s Choice, Eric E. Wiggin
11 A Prayer for My Tongue (a Poem), Alton Hacker
12 Escaping Golden Claws, Howard Culbertson
13 Voices in the Wind, Leita Twyeffort
14 Seaweed, Stomach Acid, and God’s Grace, Gary Skagerberg
15 Eyes that Weep (a Poem), Connie
15 Book Brief: Where Love is Found, Marion K. Rich; Reviewed by Evelyn Stenbock
16 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 God’s Thank-You Notes, Sue Prentice
19 Mercy for the Elderly, William Goodman
20 By All Means, David Restrick
21 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
35 Late News


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