Herald of Holiness - August 30, 1961

A brick building at Canadian Nazarene College.
Evangelism First: 1960-1964; Canadian Nazarene College "That Youth May Share the Truth"

General Articles

01 Cover by Dave Lawlor

02 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

03 Love Thy Neighbor by General Superintendent Williamson

04 The Friend Indeed! By Donald V. Peal

05 A Challenge to Our Faith by J.B. Maclagan

06 The Church the World Must See by Delmar Stalter

07 The Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church by Leo C. Davis

08 I Am an Astronaut! By Ruth Teasdale

09 Christians and “File 13” by Arthur L. Allen

10 The Privilege of Prayer by R.W. Jackson

11 Lord, Do it Again by Dean Kerns


12 With Thee Today by Flora E. Breck


13 Foreign Missions

13 Evangelism

14 Servicemen’s Commission

14 General Interests

14 District Activities

16 The Local Churches

16 The Bible Lesson

18 News of the Religious World

18 The Answer Corner


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