Herald of Holiness - August 3, 1966

Two men look at a large Bible.
The Return of the King's English (See "About the Cover," page 4.) Are Tent Meetings Outdated? (See page 6.)

02 It Is Not Surprising by General Superintendent Powers

03 No Price Tag Too Great by Allen H. Young

04 A Bible Study in the Meaning of Holiness by James W. Tharp

05 Serenity by Pearl B. McKinney

06 Are Tent Meetings Outdated? by William K. Shearer

08 Prayer by Jean L. Phillips

09 The Miracle of Transformed Lives by Gerald E. Brooks

10A Where Do You Go From Here: Kingdom Service

11 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser

13 Toward Abundant Living: Observations on Resentment by Leslie Parrott

14 Ham Radio Has Multiple Use by Church Leaders by Robert Foy

15 Members of Parliament Hear Graham’s Warning 

18 Late News

19 The Answer Corner


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