Herald of Holiness - August 1, 1976

The Thames River with Big Ben lit up at night.
British Isles Issue

02 The Holy Scriptures by General Superintendent V. H. Lewis
03 With His Stripes We Are Healed by Howard D. Hopkins
04 Revival—British Isles Nazarenes Prepare for Its Coming! by David J. Tarrant
05 The Masterpiece by Ruby Erickson
06 British Isles Nazarene College—Linking Tradition to Tomorrow by Hugh Rae
06 Alone With God by Joyce Henning
07 British Nazarenes—Alive and Well in the Land of Wesley by Thomas W. Schofield
08 A Living Sacrifice by Norman R. Oke
08 The Fountain of Obedience by Paul Martin
09 Thank You for Withholding Treasures by Alice Hansche Mortenson
10 A Brief Visit with Father Time by James C. Dobson
11 A Prayer in Time of Discouragement by Ross W. Hayslip
12 When the Wine is Red by C. D. Hansen
14 I Found It! by Albert Lown
15 Living by the Word by Theodore P. Esselstyn
16 Editorial by John A. Knight
18 Happiness Is...Good Humor by Pauline E. Spray
34 News of Religion
35 Answer Corner
38 By All Means by Robert E. Maner


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