Herald of Holiness - April 12, 1972

A quote about education from J.B. Chapman.
Nazarene College Day, April 23

02 "... And Live it" by General Superintendent Stowe

03 Old Faithful by Garth Hyde

05 The Crisis Now Upon Us by Dr. Samuel Young

07 "Taking Stock" of the Emotions by John A. Knight

08 Why a Christian College by Ethel Dickerman

09 But There's Still God by Wanda Lang

10 Dead Superstar - or Risen Saviour? by C. William Fisher

11 Winter, too, Shall Pass by Pauline Spray

12 When Doors Close in Your Face: What Then? by Norman R. Oke

13 Thank You, Nazarenes! by Edward S. Mann

14 A Businessman Reminisces by John M. Warren

15 Women and Witnessing by Aarlie J. Hull

16 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

28 News of Religion

29 Answer Corner

32 By All Means by Charles D. Westhafer, Jr.


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