Harvey S. Galloway

Harvey S. Galloway was superintendent of the Central Ohio District of the Church of the Nazarene in the 1960s.

From Herald of Holiness - July 25, 1962.

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Herald of Holiness - April 6, 1960

Stephen S. White
D. I. (Daniel I.) Vanderpool
Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Katherine Bevis
Edna Hamilton
Harvey S. Galloway
Otto Stucki
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
Arthur Hedley
Berniece Ayers Hall
R. R. Miller
Bertha Munro
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01 A Call to Prayer by General Superintendent Vanderpool

03 The Wonder of the Empty Tomb by W.T. Purkiser

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Herald of Holiness - July 25, 1962

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. Lewis
Brian L. Farmer
Harvey S. Galloway
R. B. Grubbs
C. S. Cowles
Gordon D. Hall
Elton W. House
John W. May
Robert E. Grosse
Thelma McDonald
Cars parked up and down a street in Johannesburg, South Africa
Evangelism First 1960-1964; South Africa Johannesburg

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