Albert L. Gamble

Albert L. Gamble was a Nazarene elder and chaplain of Sharon Guest Home in Payallup, Washington, in the 1980s. In his early years, he was an evangelist and singer and served as a chaplain in the United States Air Force for 5 years. He was married to Millicent who served beside him in his ministry.

From Herald of Holiness - August 15, 1988 and

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Herald of Holiness - April 26, 1972

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Samuel Young
Ross Hayslip
Sadie Thomas Shepherd
C. Dale German
Home Missions
Jacquelyn Petersen
Albert L. Gamble
Dean Wessels
Joan Rawlins Biggar
John A. Knight
Aarlie J. Hull
Craig M. Short
A sanctuary framed in a house shape.
Pray - Plan - Progress - Praise Reaching the City & Country for Christ Home Missions Issue

02 Essential Christianity by General Superintendent Young

03 Don't Be Afraid to Apologize by Ross W. Hayslip

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Herald of Holiness - August 1, 1985

William E. McCumber
Mervel S., Jr., Lunn
A. Brent Cobb
Gordon Chilvers
David Wiley Spalding
Herbert McGonigle
Vivian Stewart
Robert Ulrich
Evelyn Smith
Robert E. Maner
Fannie Steagal Brannon
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
Albert L. Gamble
A still lake with green grass and mountains in the farther background.
"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters." --Psalm 23:1-2

2 The Centrality of Perfection, General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse
3 “Yea” or “Ouch”? The Result of Special Offerings on the Standby – The Tithe, Mervel S. Lunn
4 Letters
5 The Mandate: Let Ethnic America Hear His Voice, A. Brent Cobb
8 God’s Promises Have Conditions, Gordon Chilvers
9 All Grace… All Times… All Needs, David Wiley Spalding
10 Remembering “The Shropshire Saint”, Herbert McGonigle
11 This Day is His Gift (a Poem), Vivian Stewart
12 “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – Thyself!, Robert Ulrich

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Herald of Holiness - August 14, 1968

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Henry Van Dyke
Edward Lawlor
Earl C. Wolf
B. F. Haynes
Wesley D. Tracy
Albert L. Gamble
Bertha Munro
Verla A. Mooth
Bailey Cantrell
Waulea Renegar
Albert J. Lown
A quote from Henry Van Dyke

01 The Footpath to Peace By Henry Van Dyke
02 Father, Glorify Thy Name By General Superintendent Lawlor
03 Seven Counts Against Gambling By Earl C. Wolf
04 50 Years Ago In the Herald of Holiness By B. F. Haynes
05 God Loves You Whether You Like It Or Not By Wesley D. Tracy
07 Who Lives at Your House? By Albert L. Gamble
08 "In This Thy Might" By Bertha Munro
10 Editorially Speaking By W.T. Purkiser
11 Unfettered By Verla A. Mooth
12 Pen Points: God's Yes-man By Bailey Cantrell
13 God's Remnant By Waulea Renegar

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Herald of Holiness - August 15, 1988

William E. McCumber
Curt Bowers
Dale D. Hatfield
C. H. Tazelaar
William H. Bridges
Ivan Beals
Albert J. Lown
John F. Hay
Jerry McCant
Cindy L. Briggs
Nina Beegle
Jo Harvey
Morris Chalfant
George Privett
Joyce A. Chandler
John A. Knight
Robert Hudson
Albert L. Gamble
Three chaplains in a row receding to the background
Chaplains in Ministry/ Church of the Nazarene

4 Where Are Your Sons And Daughters?, Curt Bowers
5 God’s Word Behind Bars, Dale D. Hatfield
6 Rescue on Delaware Bay, C. H. Tazelaar
7 The Door to The General’s Heart, William H. Bridges
8 The Truth about a Big Lie, Ivan A. Beals
10 Self-Help, Albert Lown
12 Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, John F. Hay
13 Power Perfected In Weakness, Jerry W. Mccant
14 Jennifer’s Story, Cindy L. Briggs
18 God’s Fireman, Nina E. Beegle
19 I Took Jesus to a Reunion, Jo Harvey

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Herald of Holiness - August 19, 1970

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Eugene L. Stowe
Edythe Feazel
Harvey J. S. Blaney
Leslie Parrott
C. William Fisher
George L. Smith
Jessie D. Culbertson
Earl G. Lee
Lauriston J. Du Bois
Albert L. Gamble
Neil Hightower
Two young people looking at a book (assumed the Bible) on a stone bench in front of a prayer chapel.
"I am come that they might have life... more abundantly." John 10:10

02 Don’t Join the Church By General Superintendent Stowe

03 Will It Stop at Woodstock? By Edythe Feazel

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Herald of Holiness - August 7, 1968

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. (Voyle H.) Lewis
Mary H. Augsbury
J. Wilmer Lambert
Morris Chalfant
Albert L. Gamble
Louis A. Bouck
Milo L. Arnold
Mervel A. (Bud) Lunn
Charlene Yates
Lucile Lemon
John S., Jr., Noftle
Fred W. Parsons
A man in a pew looking at a bulletin.

02 The "Sinking Sand" By General Superintendent Lewis
03 On Narrowing the Generation Gap By Mary H. Augsbury
04 The Amazing Tree By J. Wilmer Lambert
05 Afraid to Turn It On By Morris Chalfant
06 Legalism Versus Love By Albert L. Gamble
07 Pen Points: Think! By Louis A Bouck
08 My Big Big World By Milo Arnold
10 Editorially Speaking By W T. Purkiser
12 "Be Wise in Your Behaviour" By Bud Lunn
13 Alabama Working Mother Gets "Equal Space" To Testify That a Woman May Be A Full-time Yet Working Mother By Mrs. Charlene Yates

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Herald of Holiness - May 23, 1973

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
George Coulter
Daniel Steele
Dorothy Lamb
G. Thomas Spiker
Gene Van Note
James D. Hamilton
Thomas G. Nees
C. Neil Strait
R. B. Acheson
Robert H. Scott
Carroll E. Simcox
Maynard James
Albert L. Gamble
Aarlie J. Hull
David K. Kline
Many colorful flowers.

02 Prepared for the Crisis by General Superintendent Coulter

03 Death That Has Meaning by Daniel Steele

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